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The most popular island of the Caribbean by far, Jamaica has a wide assortment of activities and locations to see for tourists. With a hot and humid environment and much of the resorts situated right on the coast, this is a best area for a relaxing holiday. Prior to avoiding to your extravaganza, here is some Jamaica travel details to assist you out.

With lovely white sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife, Jamaica has plenty of activities to keep you entertained on vacation. Kingston is the capital and to many people’s surprise, is quite elegant. It contains old-colonial homes that lie against the backdrop of gorgeous mountains. Travelling to Kingston is a well deserved day on your holiday to see what Jamaica is everything about.

When traveling to Jamaica, the two hotspots for travelers are Negril and Montego Bay. Negril boasts a 7 mile beach, which is one of the longest in the nation, and it is full of water sports and activities to keep you busy. Located on the western tip of Jamaica, the famous beach stretches from Bloody Bay in Hanover to the Negril Point Lighthouse in Westmoreland.

Just a few of the activities you can enjoy in the water consist of kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Outside the water shows to be just as exciting with horseback riding, hiking and bicycling on the many bluffs.

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s fourth biggest city with a population of about 120,000. Found on the northwest shoreline of Jamaica, this city overlooks the stunning deep blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. You will find more hotels and resorts in this city than other in Jamaica, and for apparent factors. There is a lot to do in Montego Bay that the only concern you will have is getting to everything that is used.

Similar to Negril, there is a plethora of water activities you can partake in. There is kayaking, snorkeling, lovely white beaches and yes, even horseback riding in the shallow sea. Inland you can enjoy golf, clubs, dining establishments, and tours. You just can not go to Jamaica without visiting the Bob Marley Experience and Theatre because after all, Bob Marley is a big part of Jamaica.

This is just a little piece of Jamaica travel information that you can delight in on your getaway. While Mont ego Bay and Negril are the top tourist locations, there are many other beautiful places throughout the island that are well deserving of a trip stop. From your turn to the many activities and sites to see, it is ensured that you will enjoy your vacation on the lovely island of Jamaica.